Other products available from Micron Workholding

Other products available from us

We also represent other manufacturers products in the UK, this allows us to offer complete workholding solutions to our clients and engineers throughtout the UK.

So whether you're looking for Workholding for machining centres, milling machines, grinders and turning centres, talk to us..

Other Products from us...

VB Dock Lock, Hemo vices and PAL Air chucks
Hemo Vices

Hemo Vices

Clamp with a difference

  • Heavy Duty
  • Powerfull
  • Precision
  • Repeatable


Full Details


PDF Specification

PAL Air Chucks

High Precision Air Chucks


Full Details


PDF Specification

PAL Air Chucks
VB Dock Lock

VB Dock Lock

Zero Point workholding

  • repeatable ±0.0005 accuracy
  • high quality finishes
  • no scrap parts
  • significant setup time savings
  • productivity gain


Full Details


PDF Specification

Exclusive UK
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