PAL Air Chucks

High Precision Air Chucks

Why use PML-PAL high precision air chucks?

Universality - precision air chuck can be mounted on any metal work machine tool.
Repeatability - repeatability is kept within One-Micron (0.001mm) tolerance.

'Demanding applications, demand precision chucks'

  • Turning


    Turning or rotating precision air chucks are designed to be mounted on any CNC turning and conventional machine. The speed for rotating precision air chuck is up to 6000 rpm.

  • Grinding


    Grinding rotating chucks are hermetically sealed. They are designed to operate on CNC grinding machines and conventional as well.

  • Diaphragm


    The diaphragm chuck is a sealed chuck used for super high precision work.

  • High Speed

    High Speed

    High speed chucks are designed to spin at up to 6000 rpm.

MicroLoc 100 Series
MicroLoc 100 Series
100 Series Workholding
MicroLoc 50 Series
MicroLoc 50 Series
50 Series Workholding
MicroLoc 75 Series
MicroLoc 75 Series
75 Series Workholding

More reasons to invest in PAL AIR Chucks

Interchangeability - the working jaws mounted on the chuck have qualified interchangeability.

High accuracy and no deformation - regulating the air pressure provides precise control and stable gripping forces thus achieving high accuracy and minimum deformation of soft materials.

Efficiency - consistent repeatability is obtained without having to repeatedly measure clamping position. This significantly saves on production time.

Ability to chuck non-round components - the best solutions to clamping non-round and asymmetric work pieces.

High pressure center cooling (option) - cooling liquid passed through the center of the air chuck provides tool cooling for inner turning, milling, boring and grinding.

Versatility for clamping jaws - internal and external-clamping capabilities, as well as wide ions of soft or hard jaws for round or non-round components.


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