Hydraulic MicroLoc

Hydraulic Clamping

The MicroLoc® Power Workholding System for the first time makes it possible to have a clean universal system with all clamping units easy to connect and disconnect to whatever clamping arrangement required.

'Unbelievable power with Hydraulics'

  • Productivity


    Improve throughput by increasing parts being held

  • Secure


    Held with maximum force providing reliable holding

  • Quick release

    Quick release

    Flick of a switch releases all parts at once

  • Repeatability


    Ensure you get repeatability using the modular MicroLoc system

MicroLoc 100 Series
MicroLoc 100 Series
100 Series Workholding
MicroLoc 50 Series
MicroLoc 50 Series
50 Series Workholding
MicroLoc 75 Series
MicroLoc 75 Series
75 Series Workholding

Power Clamping System

The 75 and 100 series clamping units have the option of manual or power operation. The power clamps have the same physical dimensions as the manual versions and share the same accessories.

For production work the powered clamp is quick to load and saves valuable time (and money).

To power-up the hydraulic clamps we can supply a self-contained MicroLoc® power-pack which is either air-operated or electrical. The MicroLoc power-pack is virtually plug-in-and-go: you provide a standard 5bar (72.5psi) workshop air supply or an electric socket outlet, the power-pack provides a 350bar (5000psi) max hydraulic supply to the clamps. One power-pack can supply in excess of thirty 75-series hydraulic clamps.

Because all other elements apart from the clamping units are common to both manual and powered systems you can easily upgrade from manual to power at a future date.


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